School Management System

Best Complete School ERP System Online

MyEduBox is a complete school information management System. To remain competitive, the school needs a simple solution that can run individual function, connect their entire operation, use the web as a key communication tool and simplify day to day operational responsibilities, giving staff more time to students.

MyEduBox automates various scheduling activities of the school and optimises the use of premium resources. Concerned authorities can now easily and seamlessly use the system to create timetables, otherwise, a time consuming and tedious task.

M yedubox is designed to integrate the disparate school processes of financial management, enrolments, student management, student behaviour, timetabling, academic reporting into a user-friendly, technologically advanced solution

  • Multiple Campus Management
  • Courses, Subjects, Classes management
  • Rules and Policies
  • Department Mapping
  • Employee Profiling
  • Documents Management
  • Roles Management
  • Semesters Management